Gohon kumite and Sanbon kumite

are basic forms of sparring which will enable the karateka to develop the fundamentals of mind and body co-ordination in attacking and blocking. These exercises are very basic so distance, timing, speed, technique, power, etc, can be practiced with little distraction. The karateka should always have the spirit of Ikken Hisatsu (To finish with one blow) on attack and counters in this basic kumite. It’s very hard to execute ‘Ikken Hisatsu’ in the dojo without causing serious injury but if you are partnered with someone of similar grade and ability as yourself you really should try and finish the fight. Although counter strikes are executed with perfect control the feeling of Ikken Hisatsu should always be present. When attacking in basic, 5 step, 3 step and 1 step kumite the attacker should be looking for any slip in zanshin (awareness) from the defender, ie blinking, looking away, fidgeting, even breathing, if the defender is breathing heavy, just as they finish exhaling and are about to inhale, attack!  

One for One

One for one is a type of kumite training which involves one person throwing a single attack then the other person blocking and countering the person that threw the original punch then blocks and counters their opponents technique and this pattern continues as you can see below

Cambridge Zanshin Black Belt Karate Academy

Zanshin Karate Club is a Shotokan Karate Club based in Cambridge